Completing the request takes about five minutes.

Copy Of Past Tax Return

We help you to retrieve copy of previously filed tax return from the IRS.
You can order tax documents for the last 4 years. We are able to retrieve your copies of the following forms For 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
1040, 1040EZ & 1040 A
W2 For taxpayer or Spouse or Both
1099 For TaxPayer or Spouse or Both
What Can You Do If You Have Lost Your Copy of Tax Returns?

The simplest way is to fills the form to get your past tax return.


If the return was prepared by a tax professional the first thing to do is contact your preparer and ask for a copy.

Your preparer may charge you a fee to cover the cost of making the additional copies.

We definately charge you less or may be same than any tax professional, so why to take hassle? When you can get your tax return copies right now by us.

Completing the request takes about five minutes.
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